Neuro Coated Stents

A close up of the metal parts on a machineA close up of the metal parts on a machine

In 1993, Volkhard Lindner developed the first mouse model of vascular healing. More recently researchers (“Small is Beautiful: A Minature Stent Model“)have focused on developing and validating a model of angioplasty and stenting in mice that would allow investigation of the response to stent injury using genetically modified mouse strains. Olexander Inc recognizes that this novel stent model will soon become a valuable test tool for vascular biology research. Therefore, in support of this research, we can provide the researchers with the following: (1) small laser cut and polished stents, 1.25 mm x 2.5 mm, (2) precision coated stents, and (3) crimped stents on small balloon catheters. The two photographs shown above, illustrated uncoated and coated ‘mouse stents,’ respectively.